The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Control

The Ultimate Guide to Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes never discriminate with their choice of breeding locations – and simply a little stagnant water anywhere inside tiny indoor plant pots or containers left outdoors that catch rainwater can become a breeding ground. With the increasing dengue cases in Singapore, ORIGIN Exterminators share the ultimate guide on how to protect your family & community from Dengue in Singapore.

The ultimate guide agenda covers the following:

Are mosquitoes a problem in Singapore?

In a country like Singapore, where the warm tropical climate is perfect for mosquitoes, the risk of mosquito-borne diseases has always been a cause of worry. Despite numerous efforts, the number of Dengue cases in Singapore is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, the country is battling with a record of Dengue outbreaks, with more than 26,000 cases in 2020. These bloodsuckers have been bothering home residents over the years. Even with the evolving technology, the solution for how to get rid of mosquitoes is still a constant problem for many. 

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What are the types of Mosquito Species?

What are the types of Mosquito Species?

In Singapore, the most common mosquito species are categorized into three main types, that includes: 

1. Aedes Mosquitoes: 

They possess distinct black and white markings on their bodies and prefer to breed in clean, stagnant water. Also, they are most active and bite at dawn for spreading diseases like Dengue Fever and Zika.

2. Culex Mosquitoes: 

These mosquitoes prefer polluted and dirty stagnant water for breeding and have pale and dark markings on their wings. They usually come out in search of blood at night and can spread diseases like Japanese B Encephalitis. 

3. Anopheles Mosquitoes: 

Quite similar to Culex mosquitoes in appearance, they target seawater and swamps for breeding. Additionally, they are most active and bite at night with the spread of diseases like Malaria.  

What do one needs to know about Mosquito Bites?

We all know that to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, just apply mosquito repellent. However, sometimes, this does not work and we cannot avoid scratching them. But this is not enough to get relief from their bites. There are a few more essential facts that you must know to protect yourself further -

  • A mosquito bite can be itchy because of the release of saliva. This saliva contains an anti-clogging substance that reacts with our body's defense mechanism and causes a reaction of itchiness and bump.
  • Mosquitoes can bite us without getting noticed due to their analgesic effect and their swift speed of flight. 
  • Mosquitoes can target us with the help of their receptors and can bite us frequently by tracking us down.
  • Only female mosquitoes are the bloodsuckers. However, they shouldn’t be mistaken for midges, having certain similarities.
  • Though everyone is at the risk of getting mosquito bites, those who emit lactic acid and body heat are at higher risks. 

When Are Mosquitoes Most Active in Singapore?

Mosquitoes, especially the Aedes species, are most active in the warm tropical climate, supported by Singapore all year round, mainly between May and September. Moreover, their peak biting times are early mornings and evenings on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, this warm climate reduces their lifecycle stages, thereby developing them into an adult quickly. As these mosquitoes are most active during the daytime, it keeps the individuals working from home at risk of contracting the Dengue mosquito bites from Dengue clusters. 

Where are the Common Mosquito Breeding Sites?

Where are the Common Mosquito Breeding Sites?


The lifecycle of mosquitoes starts from breeding, i.e., - laying eggs, developing as larva, turning into a pupa, and then fully growing into an adult flying mosquito. The most common mosquito breeding places are:

  • Potted plants in the living room or garden
  • Flowerpot trays and plates for house plants
  • Ornamental containers as home décor
  • Unused Toilet bowls and cisterns
  • Containers or buckets of water stored for housekeeping
  • Gully traps that does not have a regular flow of water
  • Clogged roof gutters
  • Blocked Drains with leave, sand and debris
  • Undisposed stagnant water in discarded receptacles, and much more.

What Diseases do Mosquitoes Carry?

Dengue Fever

Apart from the red itchy bumps on the skin as a common symptom, mosquito bites can also cause blisters, swelling, or even allergies at times. They are also responsible for a few of the commonly known diseases like Zika and Dengue Fever with the following symptoms: 


Dengue Fever


Sudden High Fever

Joint pain

Several joint and muscle pain


Skin rash

Sore eyes with conjunctivitis

Pain behind the eyes


Severe Headaches


Fatigue with vomiting and nausea

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Health Risks?

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Health Risks?

As per the mosquito control services Singapore, you must take a few initial active steps to prevent yourself from mosquito bites and health risks - 

  • Apply effective mosquito repellent before moving outdoors
  • Wear a full-sleeved T-shirt and trousers 
  • Keep yourself clean and dry
  • Wear light-colored clothes
  • Call ORIGIN experts for pest control services

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ORIGIN 3+1 Mosquito Programme


This programme is an innovative mosquito control technique that is quite effective in eliminating disease-carrying mosquitoes. It includes three mosquito control services and an intelligent monitoring system for measuring the program's overall effectiveness. 

    • Dual Misting: Deposits a fine mist layer of the pesticide solution at the potential mosquito breeding places. 
    • Source Reduction: Our professional pest control technicians conduct a detailed inspection of your premises for best recommendations to eliminate the breeding habitats.
  • Monitoring: This software helps us to document the larval count.
  • Trapping: Using the traps with larvacide solution and fungus to slowly curb adult mosquitoes and larvae.

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ORIGIN Dual Misting

ORIGIN Dual Misting

This treatment can be added up with the residual pesticide to coat all the surfaces where the misting is done. This residual effect will eliminate the mosquitoes, and it includes:

  • Bacillus Thuringiensis Var Israelensis or BTI: It is a naturally occurring soil microbe that targets the larvae without killing the beneficial insects like dragonflies and ladybugs alone. BTI is 100% water-based and totally harmless, with no respiratory issues to those who are sensitive to smoke generated by the thermal fogging. 
  • Misting: Misting entails spraying chemicals in the form of mist in wide-open planter areas with no negative consequences on the plants. It targets the hard-to-reach locations such as microhabitats created within the recreational spaces, parks, tree holes, and much more.

ORIGIN Conventional Mosquito Control

ORIGIN Conventional Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes may look harmless, but the following conventional mosquito control techniques have been practiced over the years. 

  • Fogging: The fogging mosquito control in Singapore is a technique where the pesticides are blown on the target areas in the form of smoke using the blowers. It covers a wide area, specifically killing adult mosquitoes and other insects. 
  • Larvaciding: Another effective technique utilized by the ORIGIN mosquito experts is to control and target the mosquito larvae development. In fact, they examine the potential hotspots before carrying out this technique. 

Other Mosquito Control & Prevention Techniques

Other Mosquito Control & Prevention Techniques


To prevent Dengue in Singapore, opt for the following simple yet effective techniques to prevent mosquito breeding: 

  • Remove all the discarded bottles, cans, and other containers.
  • Clean Gutters and choked Drains regularly.
  • Stock ponds with native fish that eat mosquito larvae.
  • Change the water of pot holders and water troughs for animals regularly.
Install screens on windows, doors, and vents to keep yourself safe indoors.

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What are the Common Mosquitoes Pest Myths?

What are the Common Mosquitoes Pest Myths?

The entire internet and the other readily available information offers various DIY home remedies instead of the best mosquito repellent Singapore to get rid of the mosquitoes. Some of them are:

  • Spices- Bay leaves, Basil and Garlic
  • Essential Oils
  • Fragrances- Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, etc. 

Though these home remedies can get temporary relief from the mosquitoes by blocking their scent sense, it doesn't have enough dosage level to adequately eliminate mosquitoes. 

How much does Mosquito Control Cost in Singapore? 

The cost of mosquito control in Singapore entirely depends on various factors, such as - 

  • The size of the property and coverage area
  • Frequency of treatment, e.g. weekly or monthly
  • The type of treatments, including the essential and basic control methods 
  • Any additional requirement for protection
  • Utilizing environmentally-friendly solutions and much more.

Therefore, we generally recommend mosquito treatment to be carried at a minimum of every 10 days, preferably weekly, to disrupt the mosquito's life cycle, which is 7-10 days. Contact our sales representatives at 6280 5666 to obtain a cost estimate to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Why Choose ORIGIN for Mosquito Control Service?

Why Choose ORIGIN for Mosquito Control Service?

  • Solutions backed by science with biologists and entomologists on staff.
  • Experienced and Licensed Technicians
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals
  • Proven Treatment Methods
  • Satisfaction guaranteed 
  • Proven industry experience & expertise for more than 39 years
  • Awarded ISO 14001 EMS certification in 2000
  • Prompt and Effective service at an Affordable Rate!
  • Get a free quote & consultation

Eco-friendly pest control solution to protect you from Dengue and ZikaOur trained technicians take health and safety Seriously & are properly geared. Call Now! Safe & Quick Treatment. Professional Mosquito Pest Control Solutions.




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