Dengue Cases in Singapore is on the Rise

Dengue Cases in Singapore is on the Rise

Mosquitoes are the main carriers of the dangerous dengue disease and they may put the entire community at risk, if not addressed properly. Data reports clearly show that there is a rise in dengue cases being reported every week. Hence, it is important to ensure the cleanliness of our homes, offices, and surroundings.

Number of Reported Cases







06-Sep at 3pm








Number of Reported Cases by E-week (from Sun 0000hrs to Sat 2359hrs)

E-week 30
E-week 31
E-week 32
E-week 33
E-week 34
E-week 35
E-week 36
(05-06Sep21 at 3pm)
82 70 81 56 55 49 10

Cumulative No. of cases for 2021 (First 35 E-weeks): 4038

What Does the National Environment Agency Reports Say?

In the week ending September 4, 2021, 49 dengue cases were reported, which is 6 fewer than the previous week. All stakeholders' coordinated efforts have contributed to the low number of dengue cases, but we must remain diligent in suppressing the Aedes mosquito population to keep dengue at bay. 

NEA is focusing on controlling the breeding of mosquitoes and is encouraging everyone to take part in bringing the mosquito population in check to prevent any further increase in dengue cases.

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NEA is continuously conducting multiple rounds of inspections in the affected areas. Their teams are also extending the inspections, hosting community events and performing house visits to minimize the threat of dengue. Dengue cluster alerts posters and banners have been rolled out in the affected areas and estates, in the lift lobbies, and common public areas to spread awareness amongst the public about dengue and other diseases spread by mosquitoes. They are also distributing pamphlets about the symptoms of dengue, primary care to be given to the patients, and how to prevent this disease.

When Should You Seek Help From the Professionals?

If you are noticing mosquitoes in your HDB neighbourhood or business establishments, it’s highly advisable to ask pest management companies, especially those that specialize in mosquito control services, to take a look at the situation to ensure that any issue is dealt with properly and immediately. These professionals will help you and your community to ensure that your surroundings are clean to prevent mozzies to live and breed in.

During this time, many peoples continue to work from home, which means more blood meals for the day-biting Aedes aegypti mosquito. The NEA encourages all stakeholders, especially those who work from home, to take steps to avoid mosquito breeding. For now, you can take the following tips to help you fight against dengue-carrier pests:

  • Spray insecticide in dark, watery corners of your home
  • Ensure that water glasses and other liquid containers are empty
  • Change the water in flower vases every other day
  • Check and clear any stagnant water
  • Apply insect repellent daily
  • As much as possible, wear clothes that cover your arms and legs

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