How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes In My Room?

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes In My Room?

If you reside in a tropical country like Singapore, maintaining a mosquito-free environment can be difficult. The presence of mosquitoes, be it outdoor or indoor, is common and can be a nuisance. They are carriers of diseases like Zika and Dengue. Let us look at how to get rid of mosquitoes in your house.

Effects of Mosquitoes in the Room 

Mosquitoes in the room can be pretty challenging to get rid of if you have poor ventilation. It is essential to regularly inspect your room for mosquitoes. 

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House? 

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes Inside the House? 

There are plenty of types of methods to either repel or get rid of mosquitoes. Choose a method or a combination that best suits your situation. If you're looking for a way to get rid of mosquitoes in your home, check here are four main ways to curb mosquitoes in the room.

1. Mosquito Repellants

Using mosquito repellants is one of the most accessible means to get rid of mosquitoes in the room. Most mosquito repellants have the chemical DEET or picaridin as active ingredients that provide protection against mosquito bites. However, repellants don’t essentially kill mosquitoes but reduce the likelihood of mosquitoes around people due to their strong odour.   

2. Larvicides

Larvicide is essentially a type of insecticide that can help control mosquito larvae both indoors and outdoors. They function by killing the larvae of mosquitoes, thereby not allowing them to grow and increasing the count of mosquitoes around. They are available in the form of liquid, tablets, pellets, dunks, bits, and briquettes. Some formulations get activated after being ingested by mosquitoes, whereas others get activated after coming in contact with the larvae.

3. Adulticiding

Adulticiding can come in the form of misting or fogging. This is incredibly efficient when it comes to keeping mosquitoes at bay. The adulticide in the form of a mist or smoke(fog) has to be directed towards the adult mosquitoes to get rid of them. It acts as a quick knock-down temporary measure, as source reduction is still the best way to eliminate mosquitoes.

4. Source Reduction

Source reduction is aimed at permanently reducing the number of mosquitoes at all mosquito breeding sites. This can be done in several ways, some of which are clearing stagnant water, fixing uneven ground, where puddles readily form, checking plant axils and other areas that are prone to water collection etc. These initiatives get rid of breeding sites for mosquitoes, thereby reducing the overall count. 

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Simple Alternatives to Repel Mosquitoes 

Mosquito Preventive Tips

In cases of minimal mosquito infestation, getting rid of them can also be done using simpler alternatives. Let us look at how to get rid of mosquitoes in the room at night.

1. Mosquito Net

If you have wondered how to get rid of mosquito bites, mosquito nets can be a savior. The mosquito net acts as a physical barrier, thereby preventing mosquito bites and the spread of other diseases.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils, due to their strong odour, can be a great alternative to traditional pesticides to repel mosquitoes.

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ORIGIN 3+1 Mosquito Control Programme 


Mosquito Trap Singapore


The ORIGIN 3+1 mosquito control programme is an innovative method to get rid of mosquitoes. It consists of 3 mosquito control services along with an intelligent monitoring system to ensure maximum effectiveness. The process is carried out in 4 steps.

Step 1: Dual Misting

A fine mist is deposited into all potential mosquito breeding areas. 

Step 2: Source Reduction

Through thorough inspection, service technicians ensure source reduction at all mosquito breeding sites.

Step 3: Monitoring

Once mosquito reduction measures are taken, monitoring software is used to document larval control.

Step 4: Trapping

Traps are used alongside larvicide solutions to curb the count of adult mosquitoes as well as their larvae. 

Final Thoughts 

ORIGIN Mosquito Traps

Following regular mosquito control methods can prove to be adequate to curb mosquito count in your room. ORIGIN’s 3+1 mosquito control programme is environment-friendly and effective. In addition to pesticides, following other alternatives can help curb mosquitoes.




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