Who is Responsible for Pest Control: Tenant or Landlord?

Who is Responsible for Pest Control: Tenant or Landlord?

For both the renter and the landlord, there are many considerations to ensure a smooth partnership. One way to work out the resopnsiblities is to go by applicable fees. However, there are still intangible issues like, who is responsible for pest control in rental property? 

While it is the tenant’s duty to maintain a decent level of cleanliness and sanitation, any pest control issues should be dealt with by the landlord. This is because pest management tends to be covered under general property care; the landlord is the one who will be held liable.

From our experience, when it comes to rented property, we usually get calls from the landlord regarding pest control services for the home. Here is the golden rule for both landlords and tenants: 


Pests essentially need to survive. If you want to keep them away, ensure that you do not provide food, water, and shelter for them. Everything you do, think of how it would potentially become one of the above for pests. 

As a landlord, set some basic housekeeping rules such as:


  • Keep leftover food in air-tight containers and/or in the fridge
  • Food waste to be disposed of only in the kitchen trash bin (covered)
  • Empty food waste down the bin chute every night
  • Wipe up food and water spillages immediately
  • General housekeeping (sweep/vacuum, mop, wipe, etc) at least once a week

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As a tenant, be mindful of your eating and living habits:

housekeeping Habits

  • Take full meals only in the kitchen/dining areas to limit food and water remnants around the house
  • Keep the house neat and tidy by minimising clutter; throw away or put away rarely used items in the storeroom
  • Wash the dishes at the end of every day
  • Dispose of trash and food waste in designated bins
  • Inform landlord immediately of any leaking, defects, frequent observations of droppings, etc around the house so that they can engage handyman/pest control services in Singapore when required

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What Would ORIGIN Do?  

ORIGIN Exterminators

Pest Control is very important in Singapore due to our tropical climate and city garden environment. Warm and moist or cold and dry conditions attract various types of pests. Because we come up with solutions that are based on pest biology and behaviour, ORIGIN pest control was one of the earliest companies to provide sustainable and eco-friendly pest control services in Singapore. Other than dealing with pests, our team also has experience handling tenants and landlords of the same property. Most of the time, after we explain what attracts pests to homes and the effort that is required to keep them away, everyone is immediately on the same page. Team ORIGIN believes that sharing is truly caring because it is only with the knowledge that you can make informed decisions and gain a better understanding of your situation and others’ perspectives. 



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