How to Control Household Pests in Singapore?

How to Control Household Pests in Singapore?

Do you like insects in your home?

Of course, no one does so! Though some people find these bugs fascinating, even they don't want pests running around their house, creating unhygienic conditions. In fact, the invasion of almost all the pests is not just annoying but also hazardous, right from a buzzing fly and itchy bite of the mosquito to the painful stings of bees. Termites can damage your home, whereas cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rats are carriers of diseases.

How can one keep them away?

The best method to eliminate pest infestation is by keeping the bugs out. Every living organism needs three vital elements to survive, i.e., water, food, and shelter. When you cut off the food supply of these pests and remove their hiding spots you will make it hard for them to get comfortable. This will reduce the risk of pests taking up residence in your home. Moreover, you should seal any possible entry points, for example, cracks and gaps in the exterior of your house to stay bug-free.

Ways to Control Common Household Pests in Singapore:

  • Dispose of Garbage Properly: 

Dispose of Garbage Properly

Did you know? Pests love hovering in and around the garbage. In fact, the garbage dumping site serves as their potential breeding ground and a direct food source. Therefore, you must take special care while disposing of trash to eliminate the risk of these pests. Keep a dustbin only in your kitchen for throwing food trash instead of having dustbins throughout your house. 

One of the best options is to use the trash cans with the self-closing lids as it keeps the garbage away from the reach of insects. Additionally, ensure that your compost bin has secure lids and is lined with cloth to keep the pests from feasting. Therefore, dispose of the trash regularly and clean and disinfect the recycling bins before keeping them back in their designated place. 

  • Install Mosquito Screens:

Facts about MosquitoesFacts About Mosquitoes

Most homeowners would like to keep their doors and windows open for natural ventilation. Unfortunately, open windows provide a good opportunity for mosquitoes and other flying pests to invade your property. In such a scenario, mosquito screens keep insects and unwanted guests away from your home. The mesh allows for fresh air and ventilation to flow in without any interruption. However, ensure that the screen doesn’t have holes; this will allow the pests to easily crawl in. 

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  • Seal up the Cracks and Gaps

Seal up the Cracks and Gaps:

Undoubtedly, every home has gaps, holes, and cracks that are easily missed out when inspecting our home. These gaps serve as a gateway for rats and other insects to slide in and explore your home sweet home. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the exterior of your property regularly or seek professional help. 

  • Clean Stagnant Water: 

Clean Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes lay eggs in the stagnant water and multiply. You must cover or clear any stagnant water at your home. Remember to regularly check the buckets, flower pots, and other containers for stagnant water.


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