Pest Prevention Checklist for Your New Home

Pest Prevention Checklist for Your New Home

When talking about countries with the highest cost of living, Singapore ties with Paris in 2nd place. The surprise is the fact that Singapore also ranks 2nd when it comes to homeownership. In fact, 80% of Singaporeans actually own their homes! This is possible thanks to the government initiative of Housing and Development Board (HDB) blocks that made housing affordable and accessible to the general public. 

With new homes come new challenges. When looking for a house, new homeowners generally consider the typical factors of location, accessibility to facilities/schools/markets, structural layout, interior design, and so on. Ironically, they overlook one of the most essential factor that can wreak havoc on any renovation or move-in plans — the presence of pests. Based on a survey, nearly 60% of homeowners in Singapore say they regret not getting their house inspected for pests right from the start.

Do You Really Need to Check A New Home for Pests?

Check A New Home for Pests

Singapore’s hot and humid climate makes it a prime breeding ground for a number of pests including rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, just to name a few. The lush gorgeous landscape and greenery we have all over the city make the island-nation very conducive for pests too. So the answer is, yes - get your potential home inspected by professionals for pests before making any other decision!

Singapore, due to its hot and humid climate is the favorite breeding ground of a number of pests that include rats, mice, cockroaches, bugs, termites. Need we go on? 

The point is: Yes, get your dream house checked for pests before it’s too late!

Why Can’t I Check for Pests Myself?

Pest inspections are actually the most crucial part of any pest management efforts. A meticulous inspection conducted by an experienced and skilled professional can uncover root causes, breeding sources, harbourage sites etc. These details tell you what type of pests have invaded your home, their movement, and the level of infestation. Other than destroying things around the house, these silent destroyers will also create sanitation issues. If you have babies, young children, the sick or elderly around, then you really want to be sure the house is all set up to be a home sweet home. 

Pest Prevention Checklist For Your New Home

Inspect Everything
Look through every piece of furniture and appliance to make sure all parts are functioning well, that there are no cracks, and do not contain hidden pests

Uncover Hidden Spaces
Check for pest activity in uncommonly accessed spaces like false ceilings, false walls/partitions, attic/roof, inside wooden decks, aircon units, etc

Scan Every Surface
Scan all surfaces for cracks and crevices, and gaps/holes in building structures (walls, pillars, partitions, skirting, etc.)

Covered Bins
Use rubbish bins that have lids and ensure the lid is on whenever not in use

Avoid Clutter
Dispose of unwanted materials like cardboard boxes, packaging materials, etc to reduce clutter

Deep Clean
Do a deep cleaning of the house, especially cabinets, drawers, and other fixtures, furniture, and appliances, before moving in

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What Would ORIGIN Do? 

Home pest control

Like you, we’ve been through the stress that comes with choosing, purchasing, planning, designing, shopping, fixing, cleaning, and moving into a new home. 

That is why our solutions are thoughtful, effective, and safe for you and your loved ones. 

For new homes, we begin with a thorough inspection for pest activity and to identify potential harbourage areas. 

Based on our findings, we will propose a few options for your consideration, including the type of product that is best suited for your home and concerns. 

When a treatment plan is agreed upon, we will execute it and detail the findings and solutions in a digital service report complete with photos taken on site.

Let us help: or talk to us 6280 5666.



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