Why is Pest Control Important to Singapore's Food industry?

Why is Pest Control Important to Singapore's Food industry?

It has been said that eating is Singapore’s national past time. The food scene in Singapore is vibrant, to say the least; other than the many hawker centres sprawled alongside local and international restaurants, we also have 3 three-star Michelin restaurants, 5 two-stars, and 41 one-star establishments. All these set against the tropical climate of Singapore make a perfect haven for pests if not managed well.

To maintain the industry standard, the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore requires all food establishments to be licensed before they begin operations. One of the requirements is having a pest management contract that covers the control of rodents, cockroaches, and flies, where the premises must be inspected at least once a month. 

What does commercial pest control services entail?

Professional pest management companies have pest control specialists in the guise of technicians who are certified to handle pests and chemicals. The chemicals used are also approved by relevant authorities in keeping with risk management and safety guidelines. This also means pest control professionals know the effects of their every action. More importantly, they are trained to handle situations when things unexpectedly go south. Moreover, pest management companies are licensed to carry a range of industry-specific products and equipment that support the monitoring, trapping, and exterminating of pests. To sum up, professional pest management companies have the expertise and means to be accountable. 

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Why would Food Industry need pest control services in Singapore?

1. Pest Management Protects Your Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

Investing in pest management is like having an insurance plan in place. Pests are live creatures and any minor change in the environment can easily attract or repel them. That is why a professional pest management partner tends to work with the client’s staff and even the service crew to upkeep the pest management efforts. In light of the highly saturated F&B industry in Singapore, and given how customer reviews determine the reputation of any food establishment, every customer experience is crucial. One negative incident is enough to tarnish the reputation in the local narrative, worst still when it hits the headlines. 

2. Pest Management Helps You Cut Costs

Singapore Food Industry Law

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and  National Environment Agency (NEA) have stringent regulations and grading systems. When guidelines or laws are violated, the adverse impact of hitting the news may be immeasurable (and hence inconsequential to some business owners) but the fines that come with are substantial – possibly a few times the cost of a pest contract. By having commercial pest control services in place, you are paying for preventive measures to keep the situation under control. This is in stark contrast to forking out a huge sum in an attempt to salvage a situation that has already awry. 

3. Pest Management Gives You and Your Staff Peace of Mind

Commercial Pest Management

Pest control services are more than just the control methods and treatments. A holistic and realistic pest management program should involve your staff as well. This is because pests are live creatures, they are always out and about; pests do not appear only when the pest control specialists turn up during the regular visits. Factors such as hygiene levels, housekeeping practices, environmental conditions, and structural quality contribute to how conducive a site can be for pests to breed and feed. Knowing what to do, and knowing who to call when you don’t know what to do means you are in control of the situation; this peace of mind is a game-changer to any business owner and staff alike! 

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What Would ORIGIN Do?

ORIGIN Exterminators

ORIGIN pest control is more than just that. We like to think of ourselves as your professional pest management partner. Other than the typical control methods, our team also shares advice and recommendations on what to watch out for, how to monitor, and what to do to keep pests away on a daily basis. We also have internal guidelines that are specific to different types of industry. If you engage ORIGIN for commercial pest control services in Singapore, you can rest assured that the technicians attending to your site are attuned to your specific needs and familiar with the industry requirements. 

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