Why is Regular Commercial Pest Control Essential in Singapore?

Why is Regular Commercial Pest Control Essential in Singapore?

Every one of us, regardless of our age, race, or gender, want to live a long and healthy life. It is important to keep yourself healthy and happy, that includes keeping good physical and mental well-being while leading an active social life. However simultaneously, this same space can be invaded by the pests, bacteria, and dust mites, searching for their food and shelter. In fact, these pests are very likely to search for damp and dirty places as their best-breeding sites, regardless if it is a residential home or a commercial office.

Do you know that 90% of the current world population work in a commercial space? Such a high percentage involvement necessitates a check on the commercial spaces to keep them free from pests. However, this process of getting rid of the pests can get quite complicated without expert help. That’s why it has become important to opt for a professional commercial pest control service contract to ensure a hygienic work environment. They use top-notch equipment and government-approved chemicals to exterminate these unwanted guests. 

But is it important to engage regular pest control services?

Let’s understand our expert's opinion on the best reasons to hire pest control services in Singapore for a safe and clean commercial space.

Importance of Regular Commercial Pest Control in Singapore:

  • Boosts Reputation

As we all know, almost every business, especially the service industry such as restaurants and shopping malls, survives on the pillars of reputation. How will you feel when cockroaches or rats are sighted in your neighbourhood mall? Of course, it will degrade your business image in front of your clients and employees. And, no one wants to sacrifice their business' reputation when such an incidence can be prevented. Therefore, a pest management programme will help you regain your customers' trust and boost your business sales.

  • Safeguard your Expenses

Apart from being attacked by your competitors, your workplace also can be attacked by pests, bugs, and other insects. The wood-boring insects such as termites and powderpost beetles attack your office furniture and tear it down. In fact, even rats chew on wires and cause property destruction. If these are not controlled, they can lead to hefty maintenance costs over time. Therefore, you need to be aware of their presence and bring them under control with the help of a professional pest control company.  

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Health Risks

On average, employees spend more than half of their day in the office working under a lot of pressure. This pressure further multiplies when pests enter the work environment. As they carry dangerous bacteria, coming in contact with such pests may cause serious illness. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a business owner to protect your customers and employees from these invaders all year round.

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  • Professional Peace of Mind

A pest-free space is always a comfortable space. Even one sighting of an unwanted bug can lead to anxiety, destroying peace of mind. Now, when you engage the services of the experts from pest control Singapore at regular intervals, you can stop worrying about the presence of all these pests. It will also provide a feeling of safety to all the employees working in your commercial space.

  • Legislation 

Before opening a restaurant or cafe in Singapore, The NEA will need a pest control contract covering the control of rodents, cockroaches, and flies before processing the food license application.

There is a need to employ chemical measures, such as the use of pesticides, to control pest infestation. As there are risks of possible food contamination and health effects to users, the use of pesticides are strictly to be handled by trained pest control personnel only. 

Food operators can engage a pest control company to prevent pest infestation at their premises. The NEA-licensed pest control company engaged should provide systematic pest management services, which comprises of: 

a) Giving advice on good housekeeping practices. 

b) Inspecting and monitoring 

c) Applying suitable pest control methods 

It is the responsibility of the business owners to verify the pest control checks are completed by the pest control company engaged, understand the pest control report given and highlight the findings and recommendations to their staff. Ensure that all staff is aware of the follow-up actions to be taken.

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Why Choose ORIGIN?

Why Choose ORIGIN

ORIGIN can help you to defend your property against pests and the harm they may cause. The exterminators at ORIGIN are highly trained professionals who aim at delivering the best commercial pest control in Singapore. Moreover, they offer customiSed plans to their customers, catering to their needs with odour-free treatments to deter disruptions in their personal and professional lives


The first step to prevent pest infestation in any office space is denying and limiting their access to the source of food, water, and shelter. However, this access continues as our work environment is dynamic and constantly evolves due to daily human activity. That's why it is necessary to hire a pest control professional who will help your organisation remain vigilant and remind your staff what needs to be done to get rid of such pests with commercial pest control services, as hygiene is vital for every commercial space to provide employees a safe haven at work. 




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