Why Should You Not DIY for Pest Control?

Why Should You Not DIY for Pest Control?

DIY Pest Control Options

There are nearly 400 options of professional pest control services in Singapore but supermarkets and provision stores also carry basic forms of pest control. These are usually fly swatters, glue boards, gel baits, and repellent sachets that target ants, cockroaches, flies, and lizards. This creates the ironic impression that DIY pest control is an option that can be easily done by homeowners. And the randomly successful catches reinforce this notion. 

Off-the-shelf products are only temporary solutions. The common feedback we get from clients is that “it works” but the pests return after a while. (Which really means it doesn’t).  Then, the cycle of laying the traps and baits begins all over again. Or, if you are highly antsy (pun intended) like one of our clients, you can use the chance of 1 cockroach sighting to tear out your entire kitchen and remodel it. 

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The hard truth is even such a drastic move does not solve the problem; cockroaches and other pests will return. Simply because no effort was made to uncover the root cause and eliminate that. 

So we are going to come right out and say it: yes, you do need a professional pest control company to handle pest issues. Even if it’s “just ants”, in fact, especially if it’s ants!

Not convinced? Here are 3 questions to find out if you’re doing it right:

1. Do you know where and why you’re placing traps and baits?

Because pests are live creatures, pest management solutions should be designed and executed with their species biology and behaviour in mind. Without such knowledge, you are placing traps and baits blindly. Doing so may unintentionally lead to adverse effects; the colony could break up and spread out, or pests may develop stronger immunity or resistance to pesticides over time. Pest control specialists are termed as such because every action is purposefully done, and at a suitable frequency (usually based on breeding cycles) to successfully eliminate the pests.

Takeaway: Placing traps and baits “wrongly” could actually worsen the situation

2. Do you keep track of how the pests take to the traps/baits?

Pest management does not end when the traps or baits are laid. You need to know that you have placed them in the hot spots — observe how the pests respond (or don’t respond). Once the strategic locations have been ascertained, you will need to monitor the uptake in order to determine crucial information like the population size, whether there is a nest, where the nest could be, etc. A common mistake is to leave and forget about the traps and baits. Over time, pests could have learned to avoid these danger zones!

Takeaway: Consistent monitoring of the trapped pests and/or bait consumption gives insight to the pest situation.

3. Do you know how to uncover the breeding source?

Off-the-shelf products typically serve only 1 purpose, to trap, deter or kill. When it comes to pests, you want to uncover the root cause so that you can eliminate the problem completely. Many factors come into play such as housekeeping practices (wiping up spills immediately, keeping food in airtight containers, disposing of trash every night, etc) and structural conditions (leaking pipes, cracks, and crevices, spoilt wall skirting, etc). Every element contributes to making the environment conducive for each type of pest species. This is where knowledge and experience of understanding pests behaviour and movement is crucial to follow the signs and detecting 

Takeaway: Your pest problem is only resolved when you eliminate the breeding source/root cause. 

So, is DIY pest control effective? No. 

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ORIGIN Exterminators

Pest control services is really pest management. And pest management is more than just setting up traps and baits. Based on our internal standards, ORIGIN Exterminators has various solutions that combine methods to provide a thoroughly effective and sustainable treatment. We place emphasis on inspection because that is when we can observe pest behaviour and trace it back to the root cause. Only then will we be able to make an informed decisions on next steps. On top of all that, we take into consideration your situation, some of which include: are there babies, young children, sick, elderly or pets? is the house on the ground floor or a high level? are you surrounded by food establishments, greenery, or near waste disposal? Altogether, ORIGIN’s solution will be tailored for you and the pests in your homes and/or workplaces. 




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