Terminate Termites Before They Take Over

Terminate Termites Before They Take Over

Are you a property owner, a business owner, or in charge of building management and services? If so you wouldn’t be surprised to hear of termite problems.
Additionally more often than not, once you do hear the clicking sounds on walls that can sound like someone typing really fast on the keyboard, things would have already gotten very messy.

Since there are three main classifications of termites, subterranean, dry wood, damp wood. And they all tend to start colonies with their flying princesses, almost any wood around you can be a target for their soon-to-be queen to rule.

For effective termites control, the first step is to identify the kind of termite colony. Subterranean termites are usually found with mud tubes leading from their colony to the food source, and they are usually near some form of a water supply. Drywood termites are found in areas with low moisture and may initially infect window frames, later spreading through the structure and devouring it.

Last on the list we have Dampwood termites which are typically found in cut down tree stumps or logs, old trees, and structures in contact with the soil and left in the rain.

Although wood floorings and other wooden furniture are usually chemically treated to withstand some degree of weathering and do prevent termites from attacking it, the treatment is usually only a coating that eventually wears down after a few years, faster in places with higher moisture or weathering.

This is also evident in FengShui practices where termite infestation is seen as a bad omen in your property, it is said to be an attack on geopathically weak spots of the home or office. Whereby geopathic is thought of as the earth’s energies and how it influences the well-being of people (see Zou, 2012).
Termites have been found to never sleep and even found to prefer wood at areas playing rock music! But that is because termites were found to have a clear preference for a smaller block when it was vibrated at frequencies of 2.8-kHz similar to the output of bass and electric guitars distinctive of rock music (see Evans et al., 2005, 2007, 2009).

Although termites do take some time before signs of infestation are evident, being vigilant is always the best measure. And our advice is to leave the termites alone when you do find them and contact the experts to solve the problem, DIY solutions almost always just make the colony reroute or migrate to something else nearby.


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