Survey Results Revealed: Explore More to Secure Your Home Against Termites

Survey Results Revealed: Explore More to Secure Your Home Against Termites

Termite infestations are one of the common infestations across the globe. These tiny pests are smaller in size but have the capability to badly damage your property. They will wreck your buildings and apartments from the inside without you noticing their presence. If you fail to detect the early signs of a termite infestation, chances are good that the infestation has already spread to a large area. Termite infestations typically affect your wooden structures, attic, and exteriors of the house the most as they find the places favorable environments in which to form colonies.

In July of 2018, we decided to send out a friendly survey to learn more about people’s experiences with termite infestations and to gather feedback to see how we could best inform Singaporeans’ decisions on termite infestations. Refer to the below sections to learn what we found out from the survey results:

How did consumers discover that they had a termite problem?

A majority of respondents said they first saw signs of decay and soil on their cupboards, bathroom door frames, and small droppings on the floor. Some of them also stated that they saw holes and mud trails on their window frames and columns.

What was damaged?

Some of the most seriously damaged areas include the wardrobes, the bases of the cupboards, soft boards, and wooden door frames. Some minor damage was experienced on mirror frames, gypsum ceiling boards, and wooden panels supporting power or PUB meters.

What was the average amount spent to repair the damage

Typically, the estimated amount spent repairing the damaged articles and areas was in the realm of $3,000 to $5,000.

Did consumers try DIY termite control before they called in a professional?

Not many, but a few of them tried DIY termite control methods before giving up and calling in a professional.

Why did consumers choose ORIGIN?

Almost all of them read the company’s official website and said they felt that the services and approach looked quite professional. They also searched the web for company and service ratings and found them to be efficient when engaging their professional help to eradicate termites from their homes. About 50% of the survey results also stated that customers chose ORIGIN because it has been referred by a family member or a friend.

Reliable methods of eradicating termites, expertise and friendly staff, recommending the use of termite dog and competitive pricing are some of the other major reasons for choosing ORIGIN as their reliable termite control partner.

Which methods you should adopt to get rid of termites?

In the case of severe infestation, the only effective solution for fighting termite infestation is seeking professional help. Occasionally, for small infestations that have not taken hold, home remedies or preventive techniques might offer a reprieve from your situation. Fortunately, there are many pest management professionals in Singapore that have specific expertise in termite control who can help you out. These pest management companies have different methods of eliminating termites from your property. The following methods are some of the common and effective ways to get rid of termites. Here’s a look:

Baiting – It is a delayed process yet an effective solution to ensure a termite-free property. In this method, small amounts of edible products are deployed in different parts of the home and outs surroundings to knock out populations of termites. Once termites consume the bait and share it with their mates, a gradual decline in termite numbers is seen. The professionals inspect, monitor and re-baits if required.

Dusting – In this method, dust toxicants are being blown gently on the surface of infested termite workings. The blown dust gets stick to the termites of the timber / wooden surfaces they are feeding on. This method will help in killing any termites that come into contact with the dust and treat timber surfaces and contaminated nestmates.

Liquid Treatment – Under this method, a detailed inspection of your home and its surroundings is arranged.

Post-inspection, professionals will create a trench in the soil and drill through slab areas. The drilling will cover the entire perimeter of your home and then a highly effective liquid treatment agent is applied. The liquid agent kills subterranean termites when they forage through treated soil and prevents the infestation straight away.

Explore ORIGIN’s website to know more about services and offerings or you can drop a query and our customer service representative will contact you shortly.




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