Signs of Mosquito Infestation

Signs of Mosquito Infestation


If you are afraid of mosquitoes, you are not alone. Flying pests can be a real pain and can cause you harm, and mosquitoes are one of the most notorious pests out there. They may look harmless, but the viruses that mosquitoes carry have proven to be devastating. The Aedes mosquito – commonly found in Singapore – is one of the most dangerous. A carrier of the dengue virus, the Aedes mosquito inflicts an innocuous bite, typically on the ankles and neck of their host.

The Aedes mosquito easily feels disturbed during their ‘feast’, which causes them to move on to another host to complete their meal. This makes the mosquito one of the deadliest vectors. It is no surprise that over 4,000 Singaporeans have been infected with dengue fever this year – twice that of the same period in 2019.

To protect yourself from mosquitoes and prevent dengue, it is important that you contact a pest control specialist in Singapore like Origin Exterminators. Through safe and environmentally friendly treatments, we provide efficient mosquito control services to take care of you and your family.

What Attracts Mosquitoes to us?

Have you wondered why some places are more attractive for mosquitoes than others? Things that attract mosquitoes to an individual or environment include:

  • Dark clothing
  • Presence of exhaled carbon dioxide
  • Body heat
  • Bacteria found on the skin
  • Lactic acid from perspiration – usually after an exercise or physical activity

Studies have also shown that individuals with blood group O face an increased risk of attracting mosquitoes.

Signs of Mosquito Presence in your Environment

Knowing how to identify mosquito presence in your environment is a great way to prevent an infestation, and protect you and your family. Some common signs of mosquito breeding include:

  • Physical mosquitoes in your environment
  • Characteristic buzzing noise around your ears
  • Larvae presence in stagnant water
  • Mosquito bites

Learn More About Dengue

Some parts of Singapore are more affected by the dengue virus than others – areas that are worse hit are known as dengue clusters.

A dengue cluster is an area where there is a minimum of 2 dengue cases within a 14-day period, and are located within 150m of each other. There are three alert levels when it comes to dengue clusters:

  • Red alert: High risk area with 10 or more cases
  • Yellow alert: High risk area with less than 10 cases
  • Green alert: No new dengue cases within a 21-day period

Mosquito Control Services from ORIGIN Exterminators

With the increasing risk of zika and dengue viruses, now more than ever is the time to ensure your home and commercial property is mosquito-free. ORIGIN Exterminators are mosquito control professionals in Singapore. With decades of experience in the management of tropical pests, ORIGIN has always prioritized the value of science and technology in formulating treatment methods.





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