Do You Need To Consider Rodent Management During This COVID-19 Pandemic?

Do You Need To Consider Rodent Management During This COVID-19 Pandemic?

Importance Of Rodent Control During This Covid-19 Pandemic

Numerous organisations feel the squeeze as the Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives and made us live in a new normal. With most business facilities presently vacated and employees working from home, rodents currently have to change their behaviour in search of food and can still cause actual harm and spread illnesses. 

Rodents in Singapore will still need to look for food, water, and shelter. Here is a go-to guide from the leading rat control and management company in Singapore - ORIGIN Exterminators. Before we dive into rodent control strategies, it is essential to identify understand if there are rodents present and the level of infestation

How to Identify Rodents?


Roof Rats are slender and agile, with their tails longer than their bodies. They make nests above ground and in the garbage, woodpiles, ivy, and attics. It prefers to feed on fruits, nuts, ivy, and pet food.

Norway rats have a bigger body and are generally more aggressive, and their tails are shorter than the length of head and body. Their average external measurements are:

  • Total length: 440 mm
  • Tail: 205 mm
  • Hindfoot:: 46 mm
  • Weight: 400-500 gm

Norway rats live and nest in underground burrow systems and are generally found in agricultural areas, creeks, sewers, and occasionally developed neighbourhoods. It can also live in buildings, basements, creekbanks, waterfronts, under blackberry vines, under woodpiles. It feeds on garbage, pet food, meat scraps, cereal grains, fruits, and vegetables.  

Garden shrews, on the other hand, are smaller with their upper parts of the body are curvaceous, with a long pointed snout and a short, dense coat of fur and little eyes. The ears are pale brown, the tips of its toes are white.  Shrews are agile climbers and can fit through tiny openings. It feeds on many types of foods but prefers seeds and grains.

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Eliminate Common Access Points For Rodents 

To permanently remove rodents from your homes and workplaces, you must eliminate all possible entry points. For example:

1. Food in unlocked compartments, for example, packs of chips, rice, cereal, saltines, flour, and other non-perishables, act as a food source for rodents.
2. Openings close to cupboards, wardrobes, or entryways leading to outside or unfinished plumbing spaces.
3. Openings around the sink or machine pipes.
4. Broken establishments in the cellar or unscreened ventilation openings in rooms less used, particularly in more seasoned buildings.
5. Openings around windows or entryways.

Missing screens in vents or unfinished plumbing spaces under structures.

Rodent Control And the Need For Sanitisation

These are a few ways you can maintain overall hygiene during the Coronavirus pandemic and minimize developing an infestation. Let us understand the methods to control rodent infestation in Singapore.

1. Cleanliness

There most critical and least demanding measure is just to keep the premises clean. It can undoubtedly be the best technique and will unequivocally debilitate rodent inhabitation.

2. Sealing and sectioning

Quite possibly, the most suggested method of controlling rodents are by fragmenting your premises and keeping the significant areas sealed. This can make numerous controlled zones for rodent control, alongside making inspection more straightforward.

3. Check Equipment and Machinery regularly

Rodents will gnaw on nearly everything without exception. That implies that even your electrical wires and office apparatus are in danger. So do your bit to examine your office space regularly. Check your gear for any damage and keep it clean always. Implementing proactive rodent control strategies will be fundamental to securing your homes and offices and guaranteeing you are prepared to restart soon. 

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Trusted Solution For Rodent Control In Covid-19


RATSENSE offers an effective Rodent Surveillance and Management solution that leverages the power of real-time data to constantly monitor rodent activity for analysis. 

ORIGIN Exterminator Singapore is proactive in rodent extermination. We utilize insights, years of experience, and rodent movement data to better place traps and bait stations.

Final Thoughts

We understand that the Covid-19 pandemic has been troubling for your business, and a rodent infestation is the last thing you want to look at. That is why we bring to you thoroughly sanitized and pandemic-proof rodent control solutions through professionals equipped with PPE Kit, regular sanitization, temperature checks, and disinfection kits. Our teams adhere to all the necessary protocols prescribed by The National Environment Agency (NEA) so that your premises can be rodent-free, safe, and hygienic.




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