Pest control services for F&B establishments

Pest control services for F&B establishments

Cockroach Control SingaporePests like cockroaches and rodents love places with a lot of foods, and they are capable of causing serious health issues and food safety concerns if not dealt with properly. While Singapore is known for being a very clean country, these pests can still be seen in a few places like your favourite dining restaurants, cinemas, supermarkets, hotels, and more. Have you seen one recently? Even just the thought of it gives you a creepy feeling, right? Unfortunately, there have been many incidents  of people finding these pests in their food and drink. Some of these unpleasant experiences have been shared a thousand times on social media. This clearly reflects how important it is for commercial establishments to have a regular pest management check, especially for cockroach control, to ensure that the place is pest-free.

Some incidents shared by people over social media

Recently, a Facebook post about a horrible experience in a leading F&B outlet went viral. The incident was reported from a mall in Green Hills in San Juan, Philippines. The user ordered a fruit tea and the glass of fruit tea had three little cockroaches settled at the bottom. He was so disgusted that he took his concerns to Facebook and posted a video of the said incident. He was disgusted by the fact that he already gulped most of the fruit tea which had cockroaches in it.

Another disturbing incident was posted by a lady and her friends from China. The lady had ordered a braised duck dish from an online food delivery platform. When she was enjoying her meal with her friends, one of them found a dead cockroach in the dish. They removed the cockroach and started inspecting the duck more carefully. Much to their disgust, they found 40 little cockroaches inside the dish. The video and images soon went viral.

In both the above cases, the food joints faced investigation and suspension of their food license while the investigation continued. Both these incidents are appalling as their customers were put at risk. Though we can blame the food joints for their negligence, we can’t deny the fact that a cockroach infestation is a serious issue that required immediate attention.

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Why it is critical for business owners to invest in pest control services?

Apart from the damage caused to the reputation of the food outlet, cockroaches and other pests are harmful to us. They carry diseases. Being a responsible café and restaurant owner, you are accountable for ensuring safety towards health and lives of your customers. If you are running a F&B outlet, restaurant, hotel or café in Singapore, then it is the time to partner with a reliable pest management company that can handle these concerns for you. They can help in ensuring complete cockroach and pest control by applying pest removal techniques and adopting preventive measures.

Reputable and experienced pest management professionals will inspect your property to chart out an action plan to control the infestation and find out the source of infestation so that effective preventive measures can be taken for the future. Also, when a F&B outlet or restaurant is getting treated, sufficient precautions need to be taken so no food item or containers come in contact with the chemicals.

The professionals do assure you of effective results and you can call them for follow-up visits to make sure that your property is pest-free.




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