ORIGIN Conducts Photo Shoot for New Website!

ORIGIN Conducts Photo Shoot for New Website!

ORIGIN has recently revamped its website! Our new website is not only more informative and user-friendly, but it also has a personal touch! Our in-house photographer, Lawrence, did a photoshoot of our staff and ORIGINators in action. Here are some snapshots of what we did:

Our ORIGINator Zaharudin conducting ant inspections in a restaurant’s kitchen (yes, we do have our very own Ant-Man).
Origin Exterminators

Lawrence going all-out to get the best picture of our beloved Sparky,
Origin Exterminators 2

With this as the result!

Origin Exterminators 3

Capturing a meeting in action.
Origin Exterminators Team

Attempting a perfect shot at mosquito misting.
pest control services

Attempting a good jump shot. After many tries:
our pest control experts

Our energetic ORIGINators finally did it!
pest control team

Do check out our new website for information about pest infestations and our services, and check out the rest of our pictures as well!





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