ORIGIN 3-in-1 Mosquito Management

An Innovative Approach to Control Mosquitos

Mosquitos are a walking breeding ground of several diseases. This is why Origin Exterminators has come up with the new ORIGIN 3-in-1 Mosquito Management programme to control and limit the breeding of mosquitoes. The program further has three district treatment methods under them:

ORIGIN Mosquito Control Treatment: An Overview

Various methods in the past have been implemented to curb mosquitoes but have worked to no avail. With so many setbacks, it is time to pave way for this full-proof, multi-impact tool that helps to reduce the re-emergence of mosquitoes through its comprehensive techniques and methods.

It aims at killing Aedes mosquitoes, even the ones resistant to insecticides. In addition, it also targets mosquito larvae and pupae which are found inside the traps and other surroundings. All these effective measures help in the eradication of mosquito-borne diseases by a huge margin.

This method is carried out using only the safest ingredients that are also eco-friendly and fall under your budget. The installation process is easy and backed with qualified, professional assistance. It’s easy maintenance in the long-run has made this treatment highly popular and in-demand.

How Does it Work?


The method utilised by ORIGIN aims at luring and contaminating Aedes mosquitoes through a special slow-killing substance known as a larvicide. This is applied to the breeding sites of the mosquitoes so that the mosquitoes can be killed in the early stages of development, right inside the trap.

This procedure is carried out in combination with another substance known as an adulticide. Adulticide helps in killing the contaminated mosquitoes, after a few days, to prevent the spread of Dengue. Both these processes, when executed together, not only kill the adult mosquitoes but also their offspring, to contain their population and eventually reducing the risk of diseases getting transmitted.

This method is accompanied using substantial inspection procedures. The traps must be correctly installed, in order to avail its optimal efficacy. It can be installed in both outdoor and indoor settings, in the vicinity of human habitation.


 Mosquitoes breed in various habitats. The viruses carried by them have proven to be fatal.


ORIGIN Exterminators vouch to target and eradicate these little monsters through their extensive yet effective treatments. Their treatments are environment-conscious, family safe, affordable, and incredibly worthwhile.

We are so confident of ORIGIN 3+1 such that we can give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you see no results in the first month.

For more information, click here https://info.origin.com.sg/dengue-attack