Learn About Bed Bug Infestation and How to Eliminate Them

Learn About Bed Bug Infestation and How to Eliminate Them

Bed bugs are a nuisance and there are numerous instances of bed bug infestation in Singapore. There are different ways beg bugs can make their way to your home. If you stayed in a hotel that had bed bugs, they can easily follow you home through your luggage.

A bed bug infestation is not a matter of concern in Singapore alone as there are several places such as Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia that are also fighting the battle against bedbugs. Though we call them to bed bugs, an infestation is not just confined to beds and they can be found even in nooks and corners of your home. Bed bugs can survive for months even without getting the blood for sustenance. These bugs are reddish-brown in colour and resemble tiny cockroaches. A professional pest control company offering solutions for bed bug pest control in Singapore can help in getting rid of the infestation at the earliest stage. When preventive techniques fail, pest control services are your only hope.

How do you get bed bugs?

Bed bugs are so small in size that they make their way to your house without you even realizing. People often tend to unknowingly carry bed bugs in their luggage. Beg bugs can enter your house by traveling in your clothing, briefcase, or backpack. Sometimes, they can also be picked up from public transportation or in theatres. They also travel from one apartment to another via pipes, conduits, and wiring.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

They are not known for transmitting diseases but they may bite you and consume your blood. People often get allergies and infections if they scratch the wounds. In some cases, the itching is unbearable. Some reactions to bed bug bites include blister-like rashes, asthma, and anaphylaxis.
When you spot signs of a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control firm that specialises in bed bug control. A service provider that has 10 years of experience in bed bugs and termite control would be pretty well equipped to deal with stubborn infestations.

How to spot signs of bed bugs?

signs of bed bugs

The first sign of bed bug infestation is unexplained bites. Apart from them, blood-like stains on your mattresses and bed sheets are also another sign. In case of any doubt, you can call a pest control service for a primary inspection. If there are many live bugs at your place or a severe infestation, the place may have a musty, sweet smell.

How to get rid of the infestation?

The only sure way to get rid of bed bugs is to seek help from companies who specialise in bed bug pest control in Singapore as they have the required experience, techniques, and tools or chemicals for the treatment.

Some less effective alternatives include a non-chemical way of getting rid of the bugs through low-vapor steam treatment which is suitable for furniture and mattresses. You can also put the mattresses in encasements and starve the bugs to death but it will be time-consuming and may take months.

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Additionally, you can explore the web for more information and suggestions on selecting the best bed bug control services in Singapore.

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