How to Prevent the Bed Bugs from Invading Your Luggage on a Holiday?

How to Prevent the Bed Bugs from Invading Your Luggage on a Holiday?

It is exciting to plan a trip to some exotic location but holidays may also put you at risk of bed bugs. The fun-filled trip can turn out to be a nightmare once you realize that apart from cheerful memories, you have also brought back bed bugs with you. Though hotels promise clean and safe accommodation, you must be careful while choosing your stay. Read the blog below to know how you can prevent a bed bug infestation:

Let’s have a look at how prone you are to bed bugs while traveling:


Several studies show that there has been an alarming increase in the growth of bed bugs across the globe. Hotels or other accommodation spaces play a pertinent role in the spreading of bed bugs. Because of an increase in global travel, these bugs travel easily from one locale to another. Hotels are as much at risk of being infected by bed bugs as they are responsible for spreading it.

Pre-owned furniture

During recent years, there has been an increase in purchasing and selling of second-hand furniture by hotels. Furniture such as beds and sofas make for a safe or stable place for the bugs to hide. It is also close to their source of food. Using the hotel furniture can lead to the infestation of bugs in your clothes or luggage.

Follow these tips for bed bug control while you are on a holiday:

1. Inspect your room

Upon entering the room, the first thing you need to do is take a look at every item especially the bed, mattress, corners, and blankets. Don’t forget the curtains either. If you see any spots or small stains which look suspicious, notify the housekeeping team or management immediately.

2. Unpack carefully

Before you unpack your luggage, check the closet, sofa, and chairs in the room. If you spot any signs of the pests, try to change the room or get the establishments changed. If you plan to change the room, refrain from shifting to the immediate next room. The bugs can travel easily from one room to another through housekeeping carts or wall sockets. The spreading infestation will typically attack the nearest room.

3. Cover your luggage

It is important to ensure the safety of your luggage during your stay in the hotel so that the bugs do not invade your suitcases and travel back with you to your home. You can place the luggage and bags on a plastic cover.

4. Talk with hotel staff

Before check-in, have a word about the precautions they practice for pest control. Most of the hotels do great as far as pest control is concerned. They take measures to prevent the invasion, inspect regularly as well as have a quick remedy plan for helping guests. However, those that don’t should immediately raise a red flag in their head and you should be even more careful in your inspections.

5. Review hotel ratings

Last but not the least, explore various sites and check the reviews this particular hotel or resort has received. It might give a clue about the hygiene measures they follow. However, refrain from focusing solely on the reviews since they can be posted by a grumpy guest or disgruntled employee.

It is mandatory for hotels and resorts to have a check on the bed bug infestation for the safety of their guests. It is the responsibility of hotels as a part of hospitality to offer safe and clean accommodation to the guests.

If you have accidentally carried some bed bugs to your home, the best way to get rid of them is to get professional help. Professionals offering pest control in Singapore can help in combating the issue with a quick action plan and the usage of chemicals that can prevent them from coming back. Explore the web to know more about vendors offering pest control services in your area!




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