How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

As of 17 August 2019, there are already more than 10,000 dengue reported cases this year alone. ORIGIN Exterminators is leading the charge in fighting dengue by sharing our knowledge and expertise in the field of mosquito prevention and control to provide you, residents of Singapore with helpful action steps to eliminate mosquito breeding. As an individual, you can help by making sure that any potential breeding habitats are removed from your home and neighbourhood. To know more about the tips and best practices in fighting against dengue-carrying mosquitos, download and share the infographic below.

In 2020, revealed instances of dengue fever in the initial five weeks of it was 60 percent higher than the analyzed over a similar period for the earlier year. Also, there has been a massive increase in infections of dengue strain DENV-3. Be that as it may, the Singapore population has lower resistance to DENV-3 as it has not been prevailing for as far back as 30 years.

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Useful Tips on How to Get Rid of Mosquitos