How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in a Bar?

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in a Bar?


Jigger and Pony

After two long years, Singapore is ready to party again! People are reclaiming their regular tables and spots on guest lists as they drink and dance late into the night. And what better way to pre-game than bar-hopping across Asia’s 50 Best Bars?

The largely home-grown Jigger and Pony placed 2nd, while MO Bar made an impressive ascent of 37 spots to sit at No. 8. Other bars in the top 50 include Manhattan, No Sleep Club, ATLAS, Tippling Club, Sago House, Nutmeg & Clove, and 28 Hongkong Street. First-time entrants Republic Bar at the Ritz and sustainability-driven cocktail bar, Analogue, join the ranks too. Speakeasies and hidden bars are all the rage now too. Think The Dragon Chamber hidden behind a beer fridge in a Kopitiam, Bitters & Love behind a boarded-up shopfront, and the intimate Brown Sugar behind a double-fridge in a Japanese gastrobar.

As the music of the night comes alive again, so do the creatures that lurk. We’re talking about flies, and yes, we just did that segue into flies. It’s relatively easier to ignore the cockroaches and rodents that scurry past in the night because they’re usually outdoors, and you don’t see them after that split 2 seconds. But when you find yourself having to fend off flies every now and then in the middle of a fantastic night out, it is pretty offputting. 

What attracts fruit flies?


Cocktails are often made with sweet syrups and fruits, while wine and beer contain fermented sugars; it’s not hard to see how bar counters are a paradise for flies, especially fruit flies.

The life span of a fruit fly is 40-50 days, within that time, a female can lay up to 500 eggs. Their gestation period is only 24 to 30 hours. After reaching full sexual maturity, the female can lay around 50-70 eggs in one day. They lay eggs on fermenting fruit and given the ideal temperature of 25°C, the eggs hatch within 24 hours. After hatching into small, white larvae, they eat from their nesting site for 4 days before they go in search of dark, dry places for pupation. Full pupation takes another 4 days and once they become adult fruit flies, they are ready to mate in about 2 days. 

Fruit flies are drawn to fermented foods and beverages, such as wine and fruits. They’re also seen in near-empty bottles, cans, and drink packets that may contain residue. Additionally, syrupy liqueurs, overripe fruits, sticky sodas, and fruit garnishes like cherries, pineapple, and lime wedges, are enticing as well.

 Bottles that are left open, trays that are not yet cleaned, cut fruits that are left out, including spills, dregs left at the bottom of glasses, and residues in sinks and drains make the environment conducive for flies.

3 Ways to Prevent Fruit Fly Infestation

wiping a bartop


1. Clean As You Go – This is definitely easier said than done, especially with a full house. But if Godon Ramsay can do it at his top speed and produce the food he does, we can do it too! Try working in a quick swipe of the counter and bartop after each service, or at least after every round. This will keep surfaces free of spills and sticky residues. A constantly spick and spank bar counter is pretty impressive, to say the least! Just keep swiping!

containers on a bartop


2. Keep garnishes covered – Having easy access is key to serving up drinks quickly but if there is an untreated breeding source nearby, these garnishes would easily invite flies. You want to do the same with the rubbish bin too, especially when food waste goes into that. Use a rubbish bin with a lid.

properly tied up plastic


3. Dispose of rubbish regularly – Beyond just dumping rubbish in the bin, it is important to ensure that the bag is not torn and there isn’t spillage. If there is, clean that up right away. Seal the rubbish bag tightly before taking it out to the main waste disposal area.

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What Would ORIGIN Do

ORIGIN Exterminators

How well an inspection has been done can make or break your pest management efforts. At ORIGIN, we place emphasis on inspection because this first step is crucial to uncovering important factors like breeding sources, harbourage points, and various pest activities. All these will inform the next steps to take, from method to treatment down to equipment and chemical, if required. When it comes to flies in bars (or the F&B industry), we use a combination of methods that include fly baits, and an LED Insect Light Trap by a Singaporean company. Our team of Jedis and ORIGINators would also work with you to hear your concerns before deciding on the treatment best suited for your site and environment. 

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