How to Deal with Termites?

How to Deal with Termites?

How do you know if you have termites?

Common telltale signs fare mud tubes, wooden frass/pellets, tiny holes in wooden surfaces, and damaged/hollow wood.


Have you ever noticed your furniture being holed or noticed mud tubes on any walls? There they are! Termites. They inhabit these mud tubes. You will see piles of excrement which you confuse with sawdust or wood shavings. 

Termites carve the woods out of your furniture and dig a hole through it. Wood is their favorite food. You'll often see damaged paint on the walls of your home. 

We can distinguish between 3 types of termites commonly seen in Singapore.

They are subterranean, dry wood, and damp wood termites.

If you ever see flying termites or wings on windowsills, that confirms Dry wood termites. They absorb the little moisture present in the Dry wood and thrive there and digging out holes. 

Which termite is which?

The 2 most common termites you will encounter are Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites. 

Subterranean Termites are the ones that build the mud tubes because they need moisture and darkness to survive.

termite mud tubes in a house

Drywood Termites are harder to detect because they do not need moisture or soil to live, they feed and live inside the wood. You typically realize their presence only after significant damage has been done.

termites living inside wood

How to prevent termites?

Because you usually see termites only after the damage has been done, which means there is the cost for repairs in addition to the treatment, When it comes to termites, prevention is definitely way better than cure! 

Ways to prevent termites

How to get rid of termites?

Whatever you do, do not spray at the termites or disturb their pathways (including the mud tubes). Because rather than “scaring them away”, you’re actually warning the termites and they will simply build another way around your house, or worse, expand into your neighbors’ homes. If you encounter termites, access how bad the damage is:

  • If beyond repair, carefully remove and dispose of the entire item
  • If the damage can be salvaged, call your trusted pest management company for professional help
  • If the item is too large (eg. door frame, wooden skirting, attic roof, pillar), call a contractor, plumber, carpenter, or pest management company to assess the situation

What Would ORIGIN Do?

We use a thermal thermometer to detect termite activity within walls and certain building structures. Depending on the species of the termites, we will implement either the OTBS and/or the OTES:

1. ORIGIN Termite Baiting System

Install bait stations in the ground to create a barrier that keeps termites from getting to the house. The bait also contains a slow-acting formula that the termites will feed on and bring back to their colony where the population will be wiped out over time. 

2. ORIGIN Termite Elimination System

Set up bait stations at hot spots within the house to lure the termites. The delayed effect of the baits will ensure the termites bring the “food” back to the nest and eventually, the food is passed on and shared until it reaches the Queen. 







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