How To Avoid Rat Infestation In Your Office?

How To Avoid Rat Infestation In Your Office?

Ensuring a safe environment for employees not only improves the reputation of the organisation but also helps them in the long run by creating ideal conditions to work. Many places like Singapore suffer from rat infestation at the workplace. Rodents are persistent and have their annoying ways of creating issues in the office and its surrounding external compounds. The primary reason rodents or mice enter an area is to look for food, water, and shelter. 

How do rodents enter the office?

Being agile creatures, rodents aren't afraid of heights and are good climbers. Rodents can slip through gaps that are as narrow as half an inch.

Water pipes and cables: One common way through which rodents enter workspaces is via underground connections in between other buildings like cables or water pipes. Rodents move quickly and with ease utilizing such runways and explore new areas in search of shelter and food. 

Odour trails: Rodents navigate their paths following odours sources, often leading to food, mates or away from danger. If any warehouse stores food or a food processing plant is nearby, sooner or later rodents will stumble upon that building. 

How can rodents harm the office? 

Rodents can be quite harmful as they are associated with numerous health risks. They can spread over 35 diseases either being dead or alive, through their faeces or saliva.

Urination: Rodents mark new territories to remember routes or as a trail for other rodents to follow. A foul smell filling the air at the workspace every morning is not something that cheers someone.

Droppings: While on the hunt for food, rodents chew through walls or defecate around the place. Their droppings are harmful as they can spread bacteria, contaminate food sources, and trigger allergic reactions in humans. Once the faecal matter becomes dry, it can be hazardous to those who breathe it in. 

Damaged cables and electrical wiring: Rodent teeth continuously grow. Rodents gnaw to grind down their teeth and prevent overgrowth. This can lead to damaged cables or phone wires, server cables etc. This is due to its placement usually within wall or ceiling cavities. Rodents tend to nest in these locations due to the abundance of insulation and materials they can shred to create nests.

Ignite fires: Rodents can go as far as to start fires in the office areas by chewing on electrical wires. When a rodent chews on an electrical wire, the rubber casing is left open which is prone to short-circuit. 

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How to control rodents from entering the workplace? 

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Many countries like Singapore face this persisting issue of rat infestation. To avoid any damages, here are some of the effective solutions to stop rodents from entering the office premises. 

Clearing the trash: As a primary reason for a rodent to enter the workplace is known to be in search of food. It is crucial to ensure a clean workplace with no food or unclean cutlery and tableware left around for them to find. Rodents do not require a lot of food, as bite-size pieces are enough as an invitation. 

Maintain cleanliness: Throwing food in the trash can is not enough. It is also vital to clear the trash at the end of the day. Rodents are not fussy eaters and would dive into the garbage for leftovers.

Avoid eating on the work table: Try to avoid eating at your work table. Any leftovers or crumbs of food will attract rodents any time.

Carry food in air-tight containers: Hiding snacks in the gaps of the worktable is how many of us survive the long tedious hours in the office. In such cases, keeping them in air-tight containers seals the smell of the food.

Seal cracks & Fix defects: Any cracks and holes in the building can create a pathway for the rodents to enter. Thus, it is pivotal to inspect the building at regular intervals. This is one way to ensure safety and is a good rat infestation solution.

Professional rodent control: Always call a professional for aid as a solution to a rat infestation. One of the most effective ways they catch rodents is with baiting and setting traps in the area. It is vital to take the help of a professional before things get out of hand.


Rat infestation in Singapore has been rising over the years. This is because of poor sanitation and cleanliness at the workplace. The conditions lead to a situation where rats have easy access to food and water sources, encouraging them to move in and make your workplace their home. It is beneficial to take the necessary steps and consult professionals before things get out of hand. 




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