Five Myths About Choosing Pest Control Services in Singapore

Five Myths About Choosing Pest Control Services in Singapore

Pest infestation is a common issue in Singapore. No matter how many preventive measures you implement, some tiny insects will find their way out to invade your home. These pests not only cause significant damage to the property but also bring along the risk of disease.

When preventive measures fail, the only effective way to get rid of the pests is to hire pest control services in Singapore. When it comes to hiring pest management professionals, you need to be careful about choosing the best services for the best results. You will find several tips on the web for choosing the best pest control services but many of them could be myths that do you more harm than good.

Here’s a look at the top five myths about pest management services in Singapore:

1. Technical expertise

You may think that anyone is able to be a pest control technician, with pest control companies picking up people to just train them on the job, and as a result, even you should be able to perform the tasks they are. However, qualification to be a pest control technician is difficult and requires a number of minimum requirements. Each pest control technician must have a minimum educational qualification of GCE ‘N’ Level to obtain an NEA license and attend intensive training at ITE (Joint ITE-NEA Pest Management). They do need to understand the science, biology, and behavior of the pest in order to provide an effective service.

2. Slow response

Many people believe that professionals offering services like pest control in Singapore are slow in their response. However, that does not apply to all companies. There are several reputable companies in Singapore that offer a prompt response when any inquiry is made. Not just that, they visit you immediately for inspection and provide an action plan once the inspection of infestation has been carried out. You can ask for references from friends and family to ensure that you never hire companies that offer slow services.

3. Product use

Often, people think that applying chemicals is as easy as buying what’s available and diluting it down. However, it can be complicated to understand the amount of area that required application, dilution factors, and application rates. The NEA regulates the industry closely and every pest control company has to obtain a Vector Control Operator License and a Poisons License in order to not only legally operate with chemicals in Singapore but import, store and handle any hazardous substances as well, i.e. pesticides. The intensive pest management training means all pest control technicians understand how to use the chemical correctly, as concepts like dilution rate and application rate need to be clearly understood and executed so that it is safe for all customers.

4. Home remedies work just as well

A few people believe that there is nothing that a professional does that they can't do on their own. They believe that old home remedies are effective in getting rid of pests. While the preventive techniques can be helpful to some extent, in the case of severe infestation, it is recommended that you hire professional services for an effective solution. In addition, DIY products off the shelf do not have the same active ingredients and effective formulations compared with the chemicals pest control companies can purchase for commercial use with the NEA Poisons License. This is why; hiring a pest control professional will always garner better results as the chemicals used cannot be bought in a store.

5. Service License is not important

Most of the people hiring pest control professionals often ignore whether the company has a license or not. It is recommended to opt for an authorized company that is registered and has a proper license to operate its business.

Hiring a pest management service company can be a challenging task as you may need to verify everything about them before signing a contract. Read about the company on the web; explore forums and reviews websites to look out for experiences of their previous customers, and their service ratings. You must do your research on pest control services in Singapore before choosing a company to ensure the best results.

It is important to note the numbers of years the pest control company has been operating in Singapore. When a company is new and has only been operating in Singapore for less than 3 years, they lack field experience and technical know-how on how to tackle really challenging pest infestations that only seasoned pest control experts can manage. A shiny, new, and modern website does not equate to good service.




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