Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection: Standard Precautions for Businesses

Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection: Standard Precautions for Businesses

The coronavirus outbreak is on a rapid increase. Owing to the fact that no proper vaccine has yet been created for the containment of the virus, the only aid, and relief available is through environmental cleaning and disinfecting business premises.

To curb the unprecedented rise of the virus, it is important for established businesses to come up with measures and procedures to execute the proper cleaning of their surroundings. This can be achieved by using effective disinfectants and treatment programs that can help in the containment of the virus.

Many disinfection services are being provided that support businesses and serve the needs of commercial industries when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing their premises. The deep disinfecting protocols delivered help businesses to optimize their performance and growth.

Guidelines Your Business Must Follow

In order to successfully sterilize a business premise, there are certain guidelines and protocols that must be adhered to. Some of the essential ones are as follows:

  • Businesses such as hospitals, hotels, malls, small-scale shops, and more, which attract the general public, should be routinely disinfected without any errors or delay. The virus is capable of surviving on solid surfaces for up to 3 days. All the equipment, objects, and exposed surfaces should be rigorously sanitized.
  • Factories, warehouses, and offices with restrooms and toilet facilities should sanitize areas that are frequently touched by the workers and visitors, such as the doorknobs, water taps, sinks, flushes, and more.
  • Personal protective equipment such as surgical masks, gloves, gowns, eye goggles, and face shields should be provided to healthcare workers at hospitals, clinics, and child care facilities.
  • If any area was visited by someone who has tested positive, the area should be immediately sealed in order to prevent the proliferation of the virus.
  • Indoor areas and spaces should be left unattended for at least 3 hours before they are thoroughly disinfected using an appropriate and effective disinfectant.
  • The windows of the buildings where sterilization is taking place should be opened for the ventilation of air.
  • Floors, pathways, and entry and exit areas should be mopped with a high-grade disinfectant or alcohol-based bleach solution.
  • The formation and splashing of aerosol should be prevented while mopping the floors.
  • Frequently used objects and areas that are likely to get exposed to contaminants should be disinfected using a bleach solution. Some objects include chairs, lights, and bulbs, keyboards, lift buttons, staircases, light switches, etc.
  • For different areas, different cleaning mops and cloth pieces should be used. The mops should also be regularly washed and disinfected.



The first and foremost step to limit the spread of something as lethal and dangerous as coronavirus is the proper disinfection of mercantile properties like gyms, tuition centers, hospitals, places of worship, and more. A sanitized environment also helps in the growth of the business and leaves a good impression on potential customers.

The target and intention of ORIGIN are to protect commercial communities by introducing various successful tests and treatments for the containment of the virus. They use an extensive set of powerful and first-rate disinfectants in each of their treatment packages.

 disinfection service to fight against COVID-19

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Our powerful disinfectant can reduce the risk of contamination of surfaces in hospitals or public locations and is proven to be highly effective against:

  • Over 100 strains of the virus in 22 viral families
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  • Over 60 strains of fungi and yeast

Our treatment is executed by a team of trained experts who are knowledgeable on the proper safe operating procedures.




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