Do You Know What's Bugging You?

Do You Know What's Bugging You?

Trapping and eradicating pests is of utmost importance in sensitive environments such as labs and F&B outlets, where a clean space is critical. However, beyond trapping, consistent monitoring and analysis are equally important. Monitoring pest species, activity, and frequency are essential to tackle the infestation at its root. How? Through the use of monitoring stations!

ORIGIN monitoring stations for flies

If you are facing any infestations at your premises, do consult us today. Our experts are trained and can provide you with knowledge on insect biology, housekeeping measures, and suitable treatment customised for your area.

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ORIGIN understands the frustration a pest control problem can cause, especially when you’re uncertain of the nature of the pest. Our in-house biologists, entomologists, and environmental science professionals undertake consistent R&D efforts to translate the latest research into the most effective and safest solutions for your family, your business, and you.




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