Top 10 Tips To Choose A Pest Control Agency In Singapore

Top 10 Tips To Choose A Pest Control Agency In Singapore

The ever-present problems of pests in Singapore means that there’s an abundance of pest control companies- almost over 300. Yet, a lot of these companies are basically run by one person or doesn’t live up to the claims. Yes, a lot of them are inexpensive, but if they don’t do the job properly, you only end up incurring more expenses in the long run. 

Pest control in Singapore can only be done the right way if you learn how to choose the right company.

pest control expert working

1. Certifications

The pest control agency you are hiring should be licensed under Singapore’s National Environment Agency, that is, the professionals under the agency should have the training of the technical program. Unlicensed vendors working without training and dealing with chemicals isn’t something you want in your home.

2. Experience

Agencies should be well versed in pest behavior. That is, they should have experienced professionals on the team who have studied and worked with pests for years.

3. Technology

What kind of technology is the company using? Choose a company that continuously strives to try out new inventions in the pest control field, as they should be updated on the subject, and this shows their dedication.

4. Method

What’s their method of dealing with pests? Agencies that employ environment-friendly methods should be the obvious priority over others.

5. The Services

What kind of service are you getting from the company? Do they assist in all kinds of pest extermination? Do they disinfect the area as well? You don’t want to employ one only to find out they are more well versed in rat control over bugs even though you have a bug problem.

6. Where?

What kind of places are they willing to handle? Do they only provide service in-home or in commercial places as well? Agencies that promise pest control for commercial along with home are better as it shows their confidence in their work.

7. The Reputation

For pest control, it’s way better to opt for an agency that has already established a brand for itself. It’s a simple way to know they’re good at what they do over small companies that are just getting started.

8. Reviews

Even if it’s a big pest control agency, reading the reviews is always a good choice. It will confirm whether you should trust the agency or not.

9. Customer Service

Once you talk to them, you should be able to figure out if they’re sincere about their work. An agency that’s willing to listen to its customers is always a better choice compared to one that speaks over you.

10. Guarantee

Is the company willing to promise their work would live up to your expectations? Can they provide a guarantee for their services?

Final Thoughts

If we look at all these requirements, the ORIGIN exterminator certainly lives up to the mark. Not only are they experienced and widely praised, but they also have excellent customer service. We hope your pest control endeavors are successful through a company like them.



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