Best Rodent Control Methods to Get Rid of the Rat Infestation

Best Rodent Control Methods to Get Rid of the Rat Infestation

Households in Singapore can face rat infestation issues over and over when proper eradication steps are not taken. No matter how clean you keep your house, these tiny pests find their way in. The rodents will not only damage your property and contaminate your food, but they will also bring the risk of the disease afflicting family members as well as pets.

When various measures are taken for restricting entry of these tiny pests fails, the next plan of action is to opt for rodent control methods. If you are looking for which rat control methods to follow, here are some listed below:

1. Rodent Traps

Rat traps are considered an effective and non-toxic form of rodent control. They are usually classified into 3 different categories, namely: snap and glue. It is one of the more conventional ways of getting rid of an infestation and is believed to offer an effective solution.

These traps are most effective when placed at the correct locations, such as areas with high rodent activity. Using a large number of traps initially is recommended as more rodents get trapped on the initial night than the following nights.

2. Rodent Baits

Baits are another popular way to keep rats away from your home. An effective rat attractant is food and using food items to create a bait is an excellent idea for getting rid of these tiny creatures. It is important to consider that rats tend to avoid newer things and may not come near the baits until they feel safe. The success of this method depends on the environment and the rat’s habits.

You can seek help from an experienced rodent control professional to utilize food baits and rodenticide baits. Since this method can be extremely harmful, you should take extra care to avoid causing any harm to your pets, kids, and other family members. Other possible solutions to keep rodents away are nesting baits created using bits of string, yarn, or cotton balls.

3. Rodent Sensors

Rodent Sensors

One of the most advanced techniques of rodent control is rodent sensors. These sensors are placed at various rodent-activity locations. Whenever the equipment senses rodent activity, it notifies the house owner as well as the pest management team about the rodent activity. This helps in keeping a check on the rodents even when the concerned parties are away from the property.

With help of real-time data provided by the rodent sensor equipment, the area of infestation is gauged and an effective plan of action is designed to get hold of the rodents. However, rodent sensors are not that common and only a few companies make use of sensors in their pest control services in Singapore for combating rat infestation.

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Explore the web for more information on how to choose the right pest control services in Singapore that can offer effective solutions to rodent infestations. You can browse the web to locate companies offering pest management services in your area and connect with them to enquire about their packages and estimates. 




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