4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Termites in Singapore

4 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Termites in Singapore

Termites are insects that eat dead and decaying plant material. This also includes wood which is why termites can cause damage to our homes. Termites live in an underground network called colonies which can vary from small to large which can have up to one million termites.

Just like humans, termite colonies need food, water, and shelter to survive, so they work together to gather and share these resources. Termite infestation can damage a home quickly, if not detected early.

These are some ways by which we can get rid of termites:

  1. Liquid Termite Barrier

Liquid termite barriers will kill the termites and can prevent them from coming back again over the stipulated warranty period, usually 5 years only, and then the treatment will need to be carried out again. A termite chemical barrier is a chemically treated zone in the ground that surrounds the perimeter of a building or structure.

It has many benefits like-

  • Denying termites access:  Laid underneath the ground, it is meant to disrupt the path that termites would take. Chemicals used in this barrier inhibit termites from breaching into the property.
  • Non-repellent - It is non-repellent which helps to target the termites rather than just keeping them away.

  1. Termite Baiting System

Some people may not like using liquid termite barriers as they may not be comfortable with introducing toxic pesticides into the soil of their homes. Alternatively, we can use a termite baiting system. Termite baiting works by killing the worker termites in the termite colony that supplies food to the reproductive, queens, and soldiers. They die of starvation because they cannot feed themselves.. When the termites in the colony cannot eat because there are no workers to feed them, the termite colony starves and it will be eliminated.

Termite baiting works by killing the workers in the termite colony.

  1. Drywood Termite Chemical Foaming Treatment

Liquid termite barrier and termite baiting are effective ways to get rid of termites, but only best to be deployed outside the house.

For the interior of our home, we can have direct chemical foam treatment. It is an odorless foam that is sprayed directly onto the infected area and expands itself. The solution is pumped into the termite-infested wooden furniture or fitting, to treat the affected area. White foam can be seen flowing down and through the infested areas, targeting the drywood termite colony inside.

  1. Termite Dusting

The procedure is based on blowing dust toxicants over the termite-infested area. The pesticide powder is transferred from one termite's body to another during grooming and eating activities which encourages it to be spread throughout the colony.

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Dusting is generally used to reduce termite numbers in a highly infested property prior to the application of a protective chemical soil application. If we are serious about complete colony elimination, termite baiting systems, are far more predictable and consistently effective than dusting. These are some methods carried out by professionals to can get rid of termites and safeguard your biggest asset – your home.

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