4 Signs Of Rat Infestation At Your Workplace | Singapore

4 Signs Of Rat Infestation At Your Workplace | Singapore

In places like Singapore, rat infestation has been quite a persistent issue over the recent years. Rodents are not only unhygienic, but are also dangerous and can cause life-threatening conditions at your workplace. Rodents explore new places and enter your office in search of water, shelter, and food. However, being agile scavengers, rodents do not require a lot of food or space to enter your office building.

How to identify rat infestation at your workplace?

Rat Alert

In many places such as Singapore, rat infestation is not easily spotted by an untrained eye. Until and unless the infestation is severe, there will not be any obvious sightings of rodents or their dead remains. Thus, to identify if rodents have started to enter the building and have taken shelter, here are some of the signs to look out for:

Signs of gnawing: Rodents tend to use their teeth to gnaw, to grind down their teeth from growing. There will be sightings of gnawed holes on wooden walls and floors or even electrical wires.

Grease Marks: Being nimble creatures, rats can get through an opening as small as an inch. However, while doing so they leave greasy marks behind that were caused due to dirt or oil on their fur. These grease marks can be found along the walls of the buildings, an opening that they tried to wedge through or soil the edges of the stairs.

Unusual odour or droppings: The foul smell coming from unknown and hidden areas could very well be the urine and droppings of rodents. Rodents mark their new territories by urinating just in case they forget their path or mark way for other rodents. However, urination or droppings of rodents can be quite harmful as rodents are carriers of many diseases and spread them through their excrement. 

Areas of nesting or Sound: Rodents are agile creatures, yet even they make sounds that are enough to hint their presence. These sounds may include tapping of their paws, tiny squeaks or the sounds made by them while climbing walls. If rats have decided to take shelter in the building, one may also sight areas of their nesting. Sightings of materials like dried plant matter, shredded fabric or paper are all hints of nesting.

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Rodent Control Strategies at Your Workplace 

Stale smells and droppings can not only ruin the mood of employees early in the morning, but can also be quite harmful as they spread rodent-borne diseases. Thus, it is crucial to implement rodent control strategies once there are hints of the workplace being infested by rodents.

Potential nesting sites of rodents: Sheltered, out-of-the-way places like boxes, cabinets and closets or wall gaps. Even the subspace between ceilings and floors, inside appliances, machinery or computer cases that are cosy and warm. Make sure to thoroughly clean the office and its nearby areas to get rid of any nesting materials that rodents seek. These nesting materials include grass, twigs, and leaf piles.

Keep the trash bins clean: One of the effective rodent control strategies would include keeping the trash bins clean. Rodents do not mind diving and eating from the garbage cans which is why it’s important to keep them clean at the end of the day. Do not leave discarded food packets inside the office. Always clear the office bins before leaving for the day. 

Seal cracks and holes: Seal any unnecessary entry and exit points made in the walls of the building no matter how small they are. 


Many countries such as Singapore face rat infestation at the workplace. Rodent infestations can ruin a safe and hygienic work environment. Hence, it is crucial to identify their presence and immediately take help from the professionals.




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